227-231 North Street
Bristol, BS3 1JJ

About Lounge

The Lounge opened in August 2002. Initially Lounge was limited to 227 North Street, Bristol, in what was formerly an opticians. Then in 2005 we extended Lounge into a neighbouring shop (a hairdressers) and then in the summer of 2009 we extended again - bashing through to 231 (a sandwich shop) to create Lounge in its current form.

Lounge is the biggest of the Bristol Lounges and has an outside seating area.

Southville/Bedminster is arguably one of Bristol’s greatest recent success stories. The local population is a successful mix of locals, young professionals and a few students. Bristol City’s Ashton Gate football ground is just round the corner.

Interesting fact

227, 229 & 231 North Street were once all connected as one big school uniform shop. The ‘Shoe Shop’ was housed in 231, the ‘Girls Shop’ was in 229 & the ‘Boys Shop’ was in 227.

During work on the original Lounge the fascia board was striped back in readiness for the new signage. This revealed the original sign which read ‘THE BOYS SHOP’, which sparked rumours that a gay bar was opening on North Street.