Unico Lounge is tucked away In the heart of Wilmslow on lovely Grove Street, and it’s quite a puzzle how we can tuck away such gorgeous light and airy space over two floors. On top of that (literally) is our huge hidden roof terrace, perfect in pretty much any weather (we supply everything from blankets to suncream!). It’s quite a mystery too, how we manage to offer such a wide range of food and drinks (including full kids, gluten free and vegan menus) served in such a warm, relaxed environment that welcomes everyone – we even host a regular knitting club! Could this be why we have our mural of the Enigma code-breaking machine behind the bar? If we told you, we’d have to eat you.

What is it that people love best about Lounging? Is it the food? The cocktails? Our lovely staff? Or the photo of the old boy on an airbed in his pants? Let’s see, shall we?