Novello Lounge is in a really great spot in the impressive Southwater development. Close by a cinema, a theatre, an ice-rink and a bowling alley, you won’t be stuck for something to do around enjoying our fantastic range of food and drinks (including full kids, gluten free and vegan menus) in this relaxed, welcoming, light and airy space. We’ve lovely floor to  ceiling windows that open right up and a great terrace outside the front, so we’re just perfect for watching the shoppers, cinema-goers, theatre-goers, ice-hockey players and bowlers and ducks go by. Ducks? We’re close by one of the best parks in the UK too. Lovely.

What is it that people love best about Lounging? Is it the food? The cocktails? Our lovely staff? Or the photo of the old boy on an airbed in his pants? Let’s see, shall we?