***Tell your friends, tell your neighbours, tell your dog! We’re in the midst of zhushing up Modelo Lounge, and so will be closed from 6pm on Sunday 13th, until Thursday 17th at 6pm when we’ll unveil our fancy new look to the world! Be sure to pop by ***


Towards the Library end of Church Road, just a couple of blocks up from the beach, Modelo Lounge is in a great spot in the heart of Hove. Look out for the powder pink sign and huge windows that open right up along the front, just perfect for watching the world go by. We’ve a surprising amount of nooks and crannies to enjoy our great range of food and drinks (including full kids, gluten free and vegan menus) served in a warm, welcoming, atmosphere. Amongst other lovely old photos, look out for our Prancing Lady and our swimmer being smeared with lard. Of course.

What is it that people love best about Lounging? Is it the food? The cocktails? Our lovely staff? Or the photo of the old boy on an airbed in his pants? Let’s see, shall we?