Nicky’s Story

I had worked in a few casual dining groups, but I’ve always found that there was something lacking in these businesses which I could never quite put my finger on. When I started at Lounges it was like someone had switched a light on and I knew that this was what I had been looking for in an employer. When a Lounger starts, we are immediately made to feel at home and as part of a ‘family’. Never before had any Operations Manager come into the kitchen, introduced themselves and knew my name! Things like that go a long way as you are looked at as a person and not a number.

I started off as a Junior Sous Chef in Alto Lounge in Caversham and quickly worked my way up to a Sous Chef before gaining the knowledge and experience to become a Head Chef. Being a Head Chef gave me the opportunity to then, once a solid team was in place, travel between other Lounges offering support and also being involved in opening three other Lounges – Metro, Molo and taking on my current site Sedero. Between doing this I also got a promotion to a Senior Head Chef for the area which I am very proud of.

All the training I have to received has been through my Operations Chef Kevin and also the BGT courses offered which are fantastic to grow your skill set in managing people, as well as yourself.

Operations Chef would be the next challenge I would like to take on, or anything that involves me training and developing others and giving them the very same opportunities that have been given to me.