Michele’s Story

I’m from Italy . When I moved to England I decided to stick to what I know and work in hospitality – which I’ve worked in for my entire life as front of house and as a waiter. However, moving here was tough and my English wasn’t up to scratch – so I decided to work back in the kitchen.

I started as Cdp in Otto Lounge. It was a very hard time because I couldn’t understand a word when other chefs were talking about! (Until I got used to the Scouse accent!)  ? It was then that I started enjoy working in the kitchen.

After a year I was promoted to sous chef position and then I started traveling around helping other sites. I will always thank my ops chef, Gary Valentine, as he always believed in me and he gave me the opportunity to show my skills, allowing me to run Cappello Lounge for 8 months and Verso Lounge for 2 months while they were looking for an head chef.

Finally got my home site now – I’m head chef in Milo Lounge. I am doing my absolute best to make Milo Lounge a great place where to work. My next step is to be promoted as operation chef and give to good people the same opportunity that have been given to me, as someone said in the last weekly news: the limit is the sky!

I like working for Lounge because I really feel part of something. In 5 years I have met all the directors and they all are very cool. I like them because all they want is people working hard – and having fun at the same time. That is exactly I have been doing for the last 5 years with Loungers.