Lina’s Story

The best bit working for Lounges? The people, and I am talking about everybody – customers, staff and all the way up to the top of the tree.

Opportunities were endless, when I look back to my four years I experienced a lot and learnt a lot. We won fair amount of competitions, so ended up having staff parties (courtesy of Lounges, a trip to London as ‘the Lounge which serves best coffee’, a trip to Italy to see the winery, and have even been nominated for ‘the Lounger of the year’ award). I was involved in opening of Nautico Lounge – that was an experience and a half, but most importantly I’ve had a chance to do what I like the most – community work, organise events and help charities.

I’ve been working for Lounges almost four years now. I started as Assistant Manager at Circo Lounge and then went on being Holding Manager at Ludo and them on to open my little baby Delfino Lounge. It has been challenging, but simply amazing! Very recently I have been promoted to senior General Manger.

Within four years in the Lounges I’ve had a fair amount of training – from coffee, to BGT (bespoke Loungers training) and everything in between. I won’t even mention the amount of knowledge I gained by working alongside some great people – some great General and Operations Managers. The best part at working for Lounges is you never know everything and it’s always something new to learn as company progresses! #LoveLounging