Gareth’s Story

I wanted to work for Loungers as I saw a great opportunity within a growing company and to progress my career.

I started in July 2017 at Molo Lounge in Southend where I took the role of Junior Sous Chef. I quickly got promoted to Sous Chef after only a month or so as I went off to other Lounges to prove myself. After this promotion I came to Metro Lounge to help the Head Chef who was here at the time. After a few months of living in hotels and spending time on the road, I got offered the Head Chef position here at Metro which meant I needed to relocate to Amersham, it was a big move for me but one I don’t regret!.

The menu, the fresh food production, the friendly management, the staff – these are just a few things that make working for Loungers fantastic.

I see myself going as far as I can in Loungers, maybe being an Operations Chef in the future, maybe further who knows? The next thing on my mind is to be a Senior Head Chef.