Unico Lounge
68 Grove Street
Wilmslow, SK9 1DS

About Unico Lounge

Perfectly placed on Wilmslow’s high street and with space for 190 Loungers, Unico Lounge offers relaxed dining and drinking across three character-filled floors.

The ground floor is light and airy with large windows and outside tables to watch the world go by. As you head upstairs, things get more cosy amidst our eclectic collection of portraits and light shades. Go up again and you’ll find Wilmslow’s only West-facing terrace. There are stunning views and lots of lovely greenery to help you escape the hustle and bustle. And we’ve made sure you can enjoy it whatever the weather - sunglasses and suncream for bright days and blankets to keep you warm and comfy when it’s cool.

Interesting fact
The back piece to the bar is an artistic impression of the Enigma code-breaking machine.