Tinto Lounge
344/346 Gloucester Road
Bristol, BS7 8TP

About Tinto Lounge

Tinto opened in June 2003 in what was formally the Blue Goose Restaurant. Tinto occupies a corner site towards the top of Gloucester Road and has a compact open-plan trading space that looks out onto the hustle and bustle of one of Bristol’s busiest streets.

Horfield and neighbouring Bishopston have proved very popular with families and have become very desirable areas to live. Tinto is part of the longest street of independent shops in Europe (apparently) and is reasonably close to Gloucestershire’s cricket ground (howzat!).

Interesting fact

Tinto’s name was born out of our decision to paint our 2nd 'Lounge' red (tinto means red in Spanish). With the opening of Tinto we set the pattern that the name of any new bar would end in ‘o’.