Quinto Lounge
21-23 Birmingham Road
Sutton Coldfield, B72 1QA

About Quinto Lounge

Quinto Lounge was opened on 14th January 2015 in a former antique furniture warehouse, right on the Birmingham Road, just before you get to Sutton Coldfield town centre. It’s a wonderful space, spread over two levels, and featuring some of the most remarkable lighting of any Lounge to date, including some that originally came from a Soviet-era battleship, and a whole area on the upper level that is lit by a series of sixties-style multicoloured light tubes. Sounds weird, but it actually really works - and it’s a feature worth a visit just to see!

Inside, we have changed this cavernous former warehouse into a business with several distinctly different-feeling areas, seating up to 190 guests in total. On arrival you are met by a lovely airy seating area, overlooking the bustling Birmingham road, and with a lovely view of our outside dining area that seats up to thirty. Explore further inside and you’ll find an area with big tables, perfect for parties, and if you go further in you’ll discover a wonderful little snug area, tucked away at the back of the building.