Pico Lounge
Unit 3 & 4 Howard Town Mill
Victoria Street
Glossop, SK13 8HT

About Pico Lounge

Pico Lounge opened on 22nd January in what used to be Howard Town Mill. It’s located in the gateway to the Peak District at the start of the world famous snake pass and picturesque market town, Glossop.

Pico is a beast, seating 150 covers all on one level with ceilings reaching 40 feet high! This patterned lime green and lemon yellow walled ex-mill is decorated flamboyantly with taxidermy and portraits, along with an array of art deco pieces. Pico is light and airy with large glass panels, letting our lucky customers bathe in the natural peak district light. Our terrace area seats another 70 covers, with views of the Glossop brook which runs right through the town. Idyllic doesn’t even begin to describe it!

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