Palacio Lounge
The Moor
Falmouth, TR11 3QA

About Palacio Lounge

Standing proudly on the Moore in the heart of Falmouth is the distinctly elegant Palacio Lounge.

This impressive building began life as a fire house, then became a Magistrate’s Court and finally a nightclub before becoming derelict. We quickly spotted the potential of this iconic piece of architecture though, realising it would be the perfect place for our Loungers to relax in.

The splendid entrance takes you into a striking lobby with hanging chandeliers and a grand, curving staircase. We’ve gone for a classic 1940’s lounge look downstairs with floral wallpaper and a few portraits (Lenin on a sofa is a favourite).

Upstairs things take a more interesting turn with high ceilings and low-hanging lights. Huge paintings and mirrors give guests plenty to look at. And, when the light gets a little lower, our lamps come into their own, hovering in mid-air to create the perfect mood.

Spread across our two floors is space for 145 lovely Loungers. There’s also space outside for another 32 to watch the world (and a few seagulls) go by.

Interesting fact
Back when Palacio Lounge was the local Magistrate’s court, a fox used to sit in the judges area. He looked at home, so we decided to keep him and named him Fredrik.