Ocho Lounge
17 Windsor Rd
Cardiff, CF64 1JB

About Ocho Lounge

Ocho opened in June 2008 and was our eighth site (Ocho is Spanish for eight, geddit?).  The building was in a bit of a state when we took it on and the site had been empty for some 18 months. Most recently a clothes shop, the site is best remembered by locals as a butchers. Indeed, we uncovered a whole load of original butcher shop tiles complete with New Zealand lamb stickers when we started work. Regrettably, strict planning laws regarding sound proofing meant we had to cover the tiles up again (but they're still there, shh!).

Ocho is certainly one of our quirkier units. The kitchen and toilets are upstairs in what was originally a three-bed flat. The trading area on the ground floor is on split levels with dramatically different ceiling heights. It does feel a bit like being in someone's house.

Penarth is a seaside town (complete with a fine Victorian pier) on the outskirts of Cardiff and the Windsor Road centre is a buzzy shopping area.

Interesting Fact
Ocho's building works were brought to an abrupt halt when asbestos was discovered. The asbestos was successfully removed (at a horrendous cost we might add) and the building was given the all clear. As a result, however, the build was delayed by 10 weeks.