Maritimo Lounge
1 Moresby Tower
Admiral's Quay, Ocean Way
Southampton, SO14 3LG

About Maritimo Lounge

The rather magnificent Maritimo Lounge is no shrinking violet - she's right on the harbour and has pride of place in the tallest building in Southampton. The views are not surprisingly, pretty spectacular, and today looks out on some of the most expensive yachts ever built! We've not lost touch with our heritage though and we are really proud of Southampton’s nautical history; the bar is full of reference to the SS France which sailed from Southampton to New York and is renowned for being the longest ship built in the 20th century. We even managed to find her only remaining light fittings and used them in our Lounge!

Maritimo Lounge is a wonderful combination of contrasty feels: the ground floor is light and airy, whilst the mezzanine and upstairs area are both rather cosy - the upper floor is the place to go if you want to sit and watch the seascape though! She's also a bit of a tardis-like beast - you wouldn't believe it, but Maritimo Lounge can seat 180 guests inside and a titanic 200 outside (pun totally intended sorry)! If  you do decide to sail on over to us, don't forget to check out the arrangement of genuine naval flags at the end of the bar. They spell out a daily famous nautical expression…