Kino Lounge
1-3 Market Place
Kettering, NN16 0AL

About Kino Lounge

Kino Lounge has had a colourful and varied past – previous uses of the building have included a public hall, a library, a billiard hall, a theatre and a cinema.  Back in 1909 the building showed the first moving picture in Kettering (hence the name Kino), and in tribute to this Kino proudly bears an original commemorative plaque from the British Film Institute! In Kettering we are very proud of this heritage, which is why we chose to leave the beautiful brickwork exposed – we felt it would be a waste to cover it up!

The interior of this impressive building combines a slightly rustic look along with the majestic feel of the building. The space is made up of four rooms including a mezzanine floor with magnificent high ceilings that give us acoustics that a concert hall would be jealous of! In total the inside space can seat up to around 200 guests in relaxed comfort, whilst the outside area overlooks the cultural and restaurant quarter of the town, with a vista that includes some spectacular fountains.  This wonderful space has even been used recently to host ‘Kettering-by-the-Sea’, where tons of sand was brought in to make a huge beach area - which the kids of Kettering loved!!

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