Deco Lounge
50 Cotham Hill
Bristol, BS6 6JX

About Deco Lounge

Deco Lounge opened in June 2005 in what was formally La Quintos Restaurant. Set over two floors, Deco has two spilt trading levels with a large glazed roof to the room at the rear. The kitchen, storage, and toilets are located in the basement.

Cotham is one of Bristol’s more affluent areas and its proximity to Bristol University means it has a very large student population.

Interesting Fact
In order to increase the kitchen’s size, 150 sq feet of the basement was excavated. The excavated areas had simply been back filled with earth, but such was the extent of work involved that the builders were digging for 2 weeks. (Disappointingly, they didn’t find any treasure.)

Deco’s license was fiercely opposed by a small group of local residents and the license was only granted after an 8-hour court hearing. We like to think everyone’s happy with how things turned out.