Caballo Lounge


- Epsom

Caballo Lounge
11 High Street
Epsom, KT19 8DA

About Caballo Lounge

Some of you may have lounged in Caballo before it even become a Lounge. That’s because it used to be a furniture shop before we transformed it.

Seating for 120 ‘Loungers’ means there’s plenty of space to kick back and admire our eclectic interior.  The usual fine Lounge portraiture is on display, along with luxurious seating and elegant lighting.  Look closely though, and you’ll notice something a little different in this girl - that’ll be our collection of Jockey Silks.  There are 16 of them from some of the most famous Epsom Derby winners taking pride of place at the end of the bar.  However, for us, the real winner in Caballo is our tres chic roof terrace, which will easily accommodate 40 people.

Interesting fact
Once upon a time our roof terrace wasn’t quite so relaxing. In fact, it used to be a furniture storage area, but a bit of vision and some hard graft turned it into our fav feature.