Arco Lounge
147 High Street
Birmingham, B17 9NP

About Arco Lounge

Arco opened in January 2010 in what had previously been a Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society.

Arco sits plumb in the middle of the fab Harborne High Street nestled between Caffe Nero and what used to be a Blockbusters.  Arco has a traditional style shop front with an open-plan layout comprising 80 seats. There is a large roof lantern to the rear that lets in oodles of light and the walls are an almost lickable crunchy-nut-cornflake colour wash with fagnolia wallpaper. It all gives Arco a lovely round-at-your-gran's-house cosy feel.

Interesting Fact
The corridor to the 1st floor toilets is the biggest and grandest bit of wasted space we have.  The local (strong) rumour doing the rounds in Harborne before we opened was that Loungers is owned by Banksy. Not true… although, maybe it is… we’ll keep you guessing…